Your pets are safe now!


We believe, Your pets are safe now if You follow our recommendations

We believe that strongly because of our own experience and the results of tens of thousands cases of our customers.

You will find some additional informations provided as download below.



1) Every illness has it's CAUSE: shortage of healty nutrition, too much of harmful chemicals, stress, rays

2) PANEON natural menus combined with natural chewables and goodies are able to renew Your puppy in 3-4 month.

    (IF Your change is complete including chewables and goodies (!!!) without any compromises or exceptions)


3) CAUSE OF HEALTH: high nutritive natural food, without any chemical additives

    BUT with natural additives like detoxication minerals AND joint relieving green mussels extract.


What to do: read everything carefully, then send mail with details of Your case, if necessary we will call/skype

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