You and Your beloved are safe now!

This is the most important message we can provide.

We believe, that You are not any longer in hazard of getting stroke or cancer, if You follow our recommendations.


That are, we confess, NOT OUR scientific developments, but the summary of the knowledge and research of many scientists and medical doctors that have proven their theories in practical results (there is no better prove than the plain result):

Dr. L. Pauling (doble Nobel Price), Dr. Med. Will, Dr. med. J. Evers, Dr. med. M. Gerson, Dr. med. M. Bruker, Dr. med. M. Rath, Prof. Dr. med. W. Hartenbach, Dr. med. V. Coleman, Dr. med. W. Pucher


We DO confess, that due to genetic and behaviour problems, it may not be as easy as with pets.

humans may have to try harder!

You might have to push harder with Your WILLPOWER against Your burning wantings and inner "needs"...


BUT we do provide the appropriate products that help to neutralize Your occasional "diet sins".


Of course You can experience the same miracle as our pets do.
Your body is able to renew itself at the highest thinkable level!
The first step is, that You learn that 8 from 10 die from cancer or stroke (in Europe)
In the States I was said by a physician, there are 9 of 10. But this may be an overdoing.
Fact is, there are two main problems:
a) degeneration of body tissue
This is the progressive weakening of Your body tissue by poor food.
Poor in nutrients but too much in "empty" calories.
b) degeneration of immune system
This is the progressive weakening and desorientation of Your body's health defence
by poor and "poisoned" food.
"Poison" stands in "" because those chemical additives do not kill immediately but over month or mostly years...
First step is however, that You learn about the unhealthy food problem, about unhealthy life style problems.

Second step is, that we learn about Your already manifested health issues.

(that leads us to health issues, that are to come, which pre-symptoms You do encounter already)

There is a questionaire that You kindly will fill out and send back as scan or more easy as pic by Your cellphone.
You might also write the answers as plain text in this mail channel.
Are You with us? Here there is the questionaire: Download


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