You and Your beloved are safe now!

This is the most important message we can provide.

Though our english documents are not complete yet, nowa-google-days the language barrier is no longer a problem :)



1) Every illness has it's CAUSE: shortage of healty nutrition, too much of harmful chemicals, stress, rays

2) PANEON natural products provide appropriate nutrition AND necessary detoxication


3) CAUSE OF HEALTH: high nutritive natural food, without any dangerous chemical additives

    (even without those additives, law allows to put in without writing it on the labels!)


What to do: read everything carefully, then send mail with details of Your case, if necessary we will call/skype

Here the topics list of our success stories (provided in german, but You may google-translate :)

Success stories dog
        my dog "‹"‹is like new - does that work for me too?
        Dog Labrador Juno, 7y, itching, bloody scratch, cortisone 19092018
        Dog poodle Kimi, 11J, dental and intestinal problems, veterinarian, alternative practitioner 18092018
        Dog bulldog Fin, 2J, pancreas, giardia, pancreatitis, medicines, antibiotics, schle
        Dog Terrier Yoghi, 3J, dry food, heartburn, bile, vomiting, diarrhea, bad eater 240
        Bitch West Highland Terrier Paula, 8, liver inflammation, bad eater, tired, limp, sympathetic
        Attention legal Mogelpackung
        Dog INDO joints, allergies, lipomas
        Dog Enko 6J gums, bloody urine, chronic diarrhea
        Bumblebee heart defect, only 3 months to live - the miracle!
        Story Laika epilepsy, diarrhea, drugs, kidney
        Aussie Montecore joint problems
        Story Bobby Aggressive_Stress_Jucken_Ddurchfall
        Annets dog noodle allergy, emergency tablets, dry food, kidneys, intestines, fur
        Sunny-skin, skin, hair, ears, bites, allergies, nothing helps
        Dog Luna overweight joints digestion
        Dog Margaux Labrador 6J. Coat, overweight, tired
        Dog LUNA 7 Appetite, sickly, intervertebral discs
        Dog Paco permanent diarrhea
        Dog Mopsi: diarrhea, lean, vomiting, lethargic, giardia, allergy
        Dog Airdale Maxi, 12, arthritis, ears, fur, bad breath
        Dog Bichon-Maltese Leika, 6 months, discoloration, tears, bad breath
        Bitch Tiroler Bracke Alma, 10, weak, painkillers, bald spots, sore paws, antibiotics, A
        Dog French Bulldog Tyson, 4, itching, scratching, bald spots, hair loss
        Bitch Golden Retriever Luna, 1, rash, itching, infusion, almonds, dry food
        Female Labrador Kira, 10y, hip dysplasia
        Bitch Chihuahua-Dwarf Spitz Jessy, 9J, inflammation, hair loss, bad breath, pain, antibio
Success stories cat
        my kitten is "like new" - does that work for me too?
        Cats Samy and Tala, 3y and 4y, hair loss, flaky coat, often ill
        Cat British Shorthair Sissi, 8y, acne, squirting, lazy, fur, listless
        Anne's pet zoo, cats and dogs
        Cat Lilly fairy: skin, cortisone, psyche
        Cat Minka 13j fur skin itching heart defect
        Cat BRAM diabetes
        Cats Simba, Lucy 2j. Kidney, intestine, blood in stool, blood value, gums, teeth, sluggishness

Success stories human

        my pet is "as new" again - does that work for me too?
        Mr. Martin S, high blood pressure and 4 medications
        Cancer-no chemo needed anymore
        High blood pressure in 6 months good again ... Renate
        Intestinal diverticulum, high pressure

        Topfit aged: Trifecta winner with 62
        Topfit aged: Spartan Race with 61
        Topfit aged: Marathon 3:57 with 60
        Migraine Andrea F.
        TEST WINNER - really top?
        Arthritis Karin
        Vitamins versus Vitalsystem
        Sabine intervertebral discs, allergy
        care products
        Age complaints, joints, flu
        Allergy Rheumatism


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